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Products June 23, 2020

Digital Push 2 Talk application

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Wave Push to Talk Walkie Talkie App 

KaiznePlus Wave is a subscription based, nationwide walkie talkie service designed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations across the United States.  Backed by KaiznePlus Solutions, the undisputed leader in two way radios brings its best walkie talkie features to your mobile devices.  KaiznePlus Wave is the right solution for your organization   The KaiznePlus Wave Push to Talk Walkie Talkie App can be installed and used with any Apple IOS or Android Device.    

Key Features Of The kaizenPlus Wave Push To Talk Walkie Talkie App Include:

  • One to One or One to Many Communication
  • Instantly Add & Remove Users via the Management Portal
  • Manage Call Groups on the Fly 
  • Easily Identify Who’s Available, Unavailable, or Offline
  • Receive Audible & Visual Alerts for Missed Calls
  • View User Locations
  • Communicate with KaiznePlus TLK Push to Talk over Cellular Devices
  • Add a Dispatch Console for greater Security
  • Scan and monitor multiple groups

We Educate …. You Decide If The KaizenPlus Wave Push To Talk Walkie Talkie App Is Right For You!

What is the difference between the KaizenPlus Wave Push to Talk Walkie Talkie App & Zello?  KaizenPlus is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of two way radios and is offering you the opportunity to use their best two way radio features within your walkie talkie app.  From a management perspective, KaizenPlus offers you the most control over users, functionality, and design.  

What is the cost?  The cost is $8.00 per user per month.  Super Users may want to add some advanced functionality which increases the cost.  Advanced features are outlined on our blog.  

Is there a maximum number or users and groups I can create?  No, you can create unlimited users and groups.  Keep in mind, there needs to be at least two people to talk and groups should consist of three or more users.  


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