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Vehicle Inspection Management

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Our Vehicle Inspection Management System [VIMS] is a secure software that allows authorized Bureau of Standards officials in the country of import, to cross reference Certificate of Inspection documents provided by vehicle owners.

The system consists of three components. First, the virtual desktops at our offices used to input inspection data. Second, a cloud host that stores this data. Third, an end user access point to the cloud host. From the cloud host, clients can access data on inspected vehicle(s) and get notifications about the receiving of new vehicles for inspection. The cloud host servers are Intel TXT verified. This guarantees a greater level of security, as it makes inspection data only accessible in a geographic location of the client’s choice. An alert is sent immediately when this system is being accessed outside this geographic location. Additionally, clients are provided with a username and password, which are changed periodically to further strengthen security.

Wilna International is committed to transparency. We do not compromise with security and the trust of our clients.


  • System operates over the internet.
  • Notifications are auto generated and the technology used on cloud host has a fast processing speed.
  • Within 24 hours clients get email notifications about available inspection dates and times.
  • The system automatically generates certificates for the inspected vehicle(s). So, clients can access inspection results by use of a username and a password provided by us.
  • Vormetric Cloud Encryption offers GeoTags that limit the geographic locations from which data can be accessed. GeoTags also give geographical details of when and where the data was accessed.

What powers the automated vehicle inspection?

Let’s look at some capabilities of the vehicle inspection app that actually make the automation happen:

  • Pre-defined documentation flow throughout the complete process that guarantees that no document falls between the chairs
  • Mobile digital forms that have a unified look, with the date in a specific format, images added right from the device, eSignature in the right place, required fields, and other benefits of electronic forms.
  • Offline access to documents and forms for remote teams, so that they can check manuals and fill in inspection checklists on tablets directly on-site without connectivity and submit them to the office once the connectivity is back.
  • Barcode scanning on machinery and heavy vehicles makes delivery of shipping documents fast and on-time;
  • Reminders to perform the regular inspection checklist help inspectors avoid missed checks and stay compliant.
  • File naming conventions allow not only to name files automatically but also find the exact documents within the seconds — no matter how many folders of documents the project entails.
  • Control functions for supervisors to follow the process in real time and make adjustments on-the-go.
  • Granular permissions allows managers to give engineers extra access or visibility to documents in progress, data storage and reporting.

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